Engaged? Get Married in Muskoka

Kate and Rich WEDDING (38)

One of the engagement rings from last year! Photo Credit: Jenn Kavanagh Photography


According to Wedding Bells Annual Readers Survey, 39% of engagements in Canada take place between December and February and the average length of engagement is 20 months. Did you propose over the holidays? Christmas? New Years? Valentine’s Day? As a Muskoka Wedding Planner, we see a much shorter length of engagement as people seem to get engaged in the winter months and wish to take advantage of cottage season so we get to work really quickly with our Muskoka Wedding clients to start planning their Muskoka Weddings. If you or someone you know got engaged over the winter, we would love to hear from them! If you send someone over and mention this blog post, you will save them the taxes on the Muskoka Wedding Day Management or Wedding Planning service they choose. Every penny counts when it comes to planning a wedding, with the average cost of weddings sitting at around $32,000 for hosting 128 guests though we have worked with elopement budgets up to grand $150,000 wedding budgets so we can work with you to maximize yours.


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