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Wed-iquette Wednesday: To Rent or Not to Rent?


The question was recently posed to me on how I feel about rented wedding gowns. Is it OK to rent one’s wedding dress? What about other members of the bridal party? What about mother of the bride, etc.?

Traditionally this would not have been an option. There were no places to go to rent clothes for brides. Tuxedos were available to rent, but it was far more difficult to find a place that had dresses one would want to rent.

Not so today! There are many fine shops that specialize on renting designer gowns and dresses at a small fraction of the cost of purchasing. Given the escalating price of hosting a wedding or any special event, anywhere one can cut costs is generally worth considering.

From a practical point of view, unless there is a dress that has been passed down in the family and happens to be your size, renting a dress makes a lot of sense. Remaking a family heirloom, when possible, adds a bit of sentimentality and a lot of tradition to the mix, but this is not always possible.

Bridesmaids’ dresses are somewhat more problematic as they should match and often need to come in a wide range of sizes. These should be bought new, but consideration should be given to their future usefulness. A puce full-length dress is tough to use again; whereas one with a slightly more neutral color can be very useful over time.-Jay

 Would you consider renting your dress? Have you rented your wedding dress and what was your experience?

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