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Florals Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey! In Theatres Now!

It can be fun thinking about the details! This is what I rounded up from Seasons in the Country (Bracebridge) for our 50 Shades of Grey inspired blog post.

It can be fun thinking about the details! This is what I rounded up from Seasons in the Country (Bracebridge) for our 50 Shades of Grey inspired blog post.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! I know, I know, do you really need to set aside a day to spend top dollar on the best flowers, reserve the best seats, in the best restaurants and shower your sweetie with affection? Obviously not! You should be showering each other with love and respect every day of the year, not just the 14t of February and perhaps this would alleviate some of the pressure that surrounds this holiday. When working with our Muskoka Wedding Couples I get to celebrate the love and respect they share every day I work with them and come their wedding day, we put this up high for everyone to see it and celebrate too.

Leading up to this holiday weekend I kept hearing how excited people were (or not excited but still talking about it) for the release of the movie 50 Shades of Grey. I went into one of the floral shops we have the pleasure of working with, Seasons in the Country Bracebridge, and they let me run around and gather items to make up my 50 Shades of Grey flower arrangement. If you’re looking at sending someone flowers this weekend or picking out a gift in the near future, stop for a second and really think about how you can personalize that gift giving experience. One of my girlfriends is SUPER excited to see this movie so this is what I sent her and why.

If you’v read the book, or know anything about 50 Shades of Grey from the trailer you will find the following included for obvious reasons. Much more interesting than sending someone a dozen roses no?


  • Leather Fern – though it doesn’t look like leather at all, the name is suggestive of the interior of Escala, Christian Grey’s condo in Seattle.
  • White Rose – to represent Anastasia’s innocence/purity, and also to suggest true love, is it possible that Mr. Grey is in love?
  • Red Rose – the colour of lust and the suggestion of passionate love as we know… Christian Grey doesn’t make love he …….. well, you know. Also included this to represent the ‘red room of pain or the playroom.
  • Green Button Mums – they look like balls don’t they? Would ideally have used Billy Balls in here instead to be more suggestive – HA! (suggested meaning lists ‘secret love)
  • Pussy Willow – because well, it’s all in the name for this one.
  • Succulent – tender…juicy… tasty…
  • Feathers – to represent the playfulness of the toys found in the ‘playroom’.
  • Pearls – made me think of the contract process and the list of soft and hard limits but also pearls can symbolize the ability to accept love – Mr. Grey tries.
  • Silver Ribbon – to represent the silver tie that he uses on Anastasia Steele from time to time to bind her hands.
  • Blue Lace Ribbon – to represent the underwear that Taylor went out to get Anastasia after her first sleepover at Escala.
  • Black Vase – the colour is mysterious and is suggested to symbolize power, elegance, formality.

When you start thinking about it, there are likely a ton of other flowers you would add or use for this 50 Shades of Grey inspired flower arrangement. What would you add? I will go first.

Thistle – pretty and prickly …. like Christian Grey :)

Comment below! Whatever you’re doing this weekend and if this post appeals to you or not, the point is that you can have a lot of fun if you think about how you can personalize your next gift like we just did.


Holly Matrimony 


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