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Gay Weddings in Toronto

Congratulations to the Toronto 2012 class of 14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute graduates!

What a difference in the weather today from yesterday! More like the weather we had for the Gay Wedding Institute Certification course we hosted on Saturday at The Ontario Science Centre! As you might know from earlier blog posts, I was part of the first class to graduate from The Gay Wedding Institute last year and this year I completed the course (voluntarily) again! This time was different. It was in person, not done online through a webinar format. It was an incredible day packed with great professionals and amazing questions! There were even a few venue coordinators in the city who I think especially took an AMAZING step for their company by coming and learning about the gay community.

Angel St. Pierre, Venue Coordinator for the Ontario Science Centre talking to the group about how weddings and events typically look at her venue.

The Ontario Science Centre was a great place to hold this event. We had a great classroom set-up with windows facing the ravine out back. Lots of space to mingle, network, and do role play.Angel St.Pierre, the on-site Venue Coordinator was so much fun to take the course with. She was a valuable contributor to the discussions and some of the attendees even mentioned this in some of the funny role play examples!

Fazila at Impressions Catering made a fabulous lunch for attendees all neatly packaged in these boxes.

Catering was done by Impressions Catering and Fazila was wonderful! Her and her team working quietly in the background providing substantial amounts of food. Great value for our investment. The ‘box lunch’ was perfect considering many of the attendees had only ever been to The Ontario Science Centre since they were kids and so from the name tags (markers and white labels) to the lunch it was a fun throwback to our childhood!

Bernadette Coveney Smith teaching attendees about how to ensure your company is open and affirming when it comes to clients and their weddings!

The argument out there exists why does anyone need to be ‘gay wedding certified’ and Bernadette says that just like there is a Jewish community, an Italian community etc, there is a gay community. If you want to learn more about how to work within these communities you need to understand their experiences which lead to their perspectives on different wedding activities. Each community might do something a little bit differently but differently isn’t bad, it’s just different. I will listen to someone who has planned a ton of gay weddings in her career!  There was lots of discussion and we learned a ton from a fantastic speaker. If you are interested in taking the course online you can check out more information here. We will definitely have her back in the future to educate another group of eager wedding professionals!

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