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Rachel and Greg were an incredibly focused couple to work with! Her a teacher, him a landscaper, we got to work right away to address the one question weighing on their minds… could they have the Muskoka wedding at their cottage that they had wanted? The answer was yes but with a lot of hard work. The whole family got to work as soon as the snow melted to build decks and docks and address various other issues like railing safety, terrain, parking etc on a property that had been in the family for years. I was able to put them in touch with the right vendors to make their vision come to life. My favourite memory to this day had to be the moment where Rachel and her dad were about to walk down the aisle and Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ came on and the flood gates opened for EVERY person nearby as they worked up the courage to move forward, down the stone path, under the hemlock canopy to where Rachel would marry the love of her life in front of those they loved most. All images provided by www.turnbullphotography.com

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