Such a cute couple, so much in love. It was neat to watch Sophia and Hart throughout the planning process as they made decisions together with the tenderness and patience I think you need in a successful relationship. With his family cottages in the area, they chose to get married at Camp Tawingo in Huntsville, Ontario, Muskoka after an afternoon boatride one day. They found the outdoor wedding chapel with wooden benches and a canopy of trees and decided that was going to be the spot. Even though Mother Nature was trying hard to keep us dry we had white umbrellas for guests just in case as they mingled overlooking the lake. Sophia and Hart rang the Camp’s lunch bell and guests took their seats at long tables with Norwegian birch candle holders, vintage bottle centrepieces with bright wild flowers, and table letters in honour of the groom’s passion for flying ‘alpha, beta, charlie, delta, echo’. All images and video provided by Video:

sophia & hart ‘s wedding from madeulook films on Vimeo.